Server Rules

· These rules may change without notice.


Please obey the following rules. By doing so, we can keep the game fun and enjoyable for everyone. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be punished by a GM under his/her discretion.


· Do not advertise or recommend other RO servers on any kind of chat.
· You are responsible for your account's security. Choose a strong, secure password that you will not forget.
· If you give out your password to anyone, you take FULL responsibility for their actions (including botting/scamming/item loss/character deletion)
· We are not responsible if your items got stolen because someone guessed your password, or because they deceived you.
· Account trading is not encouraged. If you lose accounts/items from attempting to buy/sell/trade them, we are not responsible for your loss.
· Most of all: use common sense. Do not do things to other people that you wouldn’t want them to do to you, too.


Game Relations
· There is absolutely NO BOTTING, hacking or any use of a 3rd party program (this includes macros).
· You may only use the official Wonderfulro client to play the game.
  o Exception: Homunculus AIs are allowed as long as it does not auto-feed and make the player auto-walk.
· It is only allowed to create one forum account.
· Vend/chat rules in Prontera, Payon, Alberta and Aldebaran:
  o Do not vend while standing on the road.
  o Do not open a vend or chat within 4 tiles below or 2 tiles around an NPC or portal.
  o Do not bypass the nochat zone.
  o Do not keep a vending spot by selling overpriced items.
· Do not spam annoying skills (e.g. Ice Wall) in town that lag the game (Events are an exception).
· Exploiting bugs that result in the gain of large quantities of zeny or items, or disrupting the server will result in a ban. Reporting a bug of this nature will result in a reward.
· Do not pretend to be a Game Master. Do not name yourself similar to a GM.
· Do not use character names with offensive or inappropriate words in them, that might directly or indirectly offend other players.
· Do not attempt to trade things within Wonderfulro for things outside of Wonderfulro. This includes real money, items/accounts of other servers/games, etc.


GM (Game Master) Relations
· GMs will never ask for your items or password in game. However, you may need to provide password confirmation in Reward Center/Support Center.
· GMs will never give away any zeny, items, leech, or tank players.
· Respect all GMs.
· Do not spam messages to GMs.
· Do not ask to be a GM.
· GMs reserve the right to ban/mute/jail for rule violations without warning.


Player Relations
· Respect all players. No harassment or discrimination is allowed. Serious offenses such as racial discrimination or sexual harassment may result in a ban.
· Do not spam, trashtalk or use vulgar or obscene language in !main.
  o Something is considered spam when the same (or a similar) message is repeated very often. If you need something, do not tell or ask about it every 30 seconds or minute. Once every few minutes is more than enough.
· Although we welcome any nationality and thus a wide variety of languages, it becomes very difficult for players to follow !main chat when a large quantity of lines are in languages they do not understand. As such, please try to keep the primary language in !main to English. Extended conversations or excessive lines in another language can be treated as !main spam on a case-by-case, player-reported basis.
· !main chat is not supposed to be used for anything sales related. So if you want to Buy/Sell/Trade or do a PriceCheck, please use !market.
· If you are recruiting or looking for a party, please use !recruit instead of !main.· Do not attack or loot/greed other players' monsters without their permission.
  o A monster "belongs" to another player if it is attacking, being attacked by, trapped by, or following that player.
  o When casting area attacks, make sure not to hit other players' monsters.
  o Monsters that give the MVP sign when killed are exempt from this rule.
· Mobbing a lot of monsters on the map is only allowed if it does not affect the other players on the map. For instance: do not mob the entire map with your homunculus leaving no monsters for others.
· Do not warp players using Warp Portal without their permission. Exception: You may do this in PVP, but not to an EXP loss map.
· Do not use Abracadabra, Dead Branches, Bloody Branches, Azoth or Hylozoist Card in Prontera, Payon, Alberta, pay_dun00, gl_prison, orcsdun01 or anthell01. Violators may have their Branches/Azoth/Hylozoist Card confiscated with a fine imposed at the GM's discretion.
· Purposefully gathering normal monsters and leading them to another player with the intention of killing them is not allowed, however using Dead Branches on the map and forcing MVPs to spawn minions is allowed.
· Do not chase someone through different PVP rooms killing them repeatedly without their permission.
  o To report players harassing you in this manner, take screenshots of them switching PVP rooms 3 times within half an hour to kill you.
· Do not scam/steal people of their items, accounts, zeny or reward/voting points.
· When vending, do not put false advertisements in the shop title with the intention of deceiving buyers.
· Do not attempt to block vending locations for the sole sake of reserving space. GM staff reserves the right to kick and/or punish offending shops at their discretion.
· Do not set up a Buying Store where you buy items for less than their NPC value.
· If someone apologizes for breaking one of the rules above, accept the apology and move on.
· Do not harass, swear or threaten them.Alchemist/Creator Related
· Do not kill other alchemists' plants without their permission.
· Monsters that an alchemist's plants/homunculus are fighting belong to that player.
· Do not allow your Homunculus to attack other players' monsters. Use the "Stand By" (Alt+T) command as necessary.WoE/Guild Wars Relations
· Bypassing the castle restriction is not allowed and will result in a punishment.
· No underhanded tricks, such as:
  o Spamming trade requests.
  o Spamming Party invites.o PMs to distract.o Etcetera.


Thank you for your time reading this.