Welcome to HiRO Control Panel!

Server Changelog

by Admin on 2018-05-24

Now you can view server changelog and check for our server features at this link.


Welcome New Adventurer

by Admin on 2018-04-17

Welcome to Hibiscus Ragnarok Online, better known as HiRO.


HiRO is a medium high rate server.

Rates: 500x/500x/200x/450x (Base exp./Job exp./Drop rate./Quest exp).
Max Level Trans: 99/70
Max Stats Trans: 99
Max ASPD: 195
Instantcast: 150 dex
Pre-Renewal mode (some added Renewal Features)
Many Custom Features, Custom item, Events
Sooo many quest available
Achievement system
VIP system
Super-Quest Item


Available player commands

!commands !showdelay !exp !showexp
!arealoot !duel !invite !accept !reject
!leave !autotrade !jumptowhosell !whosell
!whobuy !jumptowhobuy !afk !whereis
!request !changegm !changeleader !whodrops
!autoloot !refresh !time !mobinfo
!alootid !storage !guildstorage !go !follow
!targetvote !blessme !account !support


Please proceed with registration and enjoy your wonderful journey with HiRO.



Walk through to prontera center and claim your freebies!

Enjoy the game!