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Server Changelog
- Current pending known issue -

2021 Updates

* Added more item in Loyalty NPC shop
* Added new NPC to refine using refine ticket
* Fix some website issues

Fix bugs and item info changes
* Hunting mission does not display monster name fix (thanks to saifultura)
* reduce the weight of item china (736) (thanks to Disciples)

Finished update server to follow the latest rAthena
* Various fixes and new features update by rAthena
* New Item, Mob, Pet, etc DB formats (expected may have complication after integrating with old DB, please report if found)

* Reduce VIP cost

* Remove custom hairstyle for now, only up to 24 instead of 90++, thanks tu saifultura for pointing the error

* Added more time for Gold Room and option for more time.
* Fix Website Vote Page issue where player cannot vote.
* Reduce MVP health and difficulty.

* Added New NPC MvP Arena and MvP Private Room.

* Added New NPC Gold Room
* Possibly i will no more update monthly sync from rAthena as they have move most DB to yaml, conversion would take some time, which i don't have
  for now.
* As for now, the server is as it is and i will keep it online as long as possible.
* Any suggestion and improvement i welcome, please post your suggestion on the forum.

2020 Updates

* Monthly Sync
* Upgrade database (item, monster, combo and etc)

Ramadhan & Syawal Event Updates : 
 - Ketupat [Image: 552.png]has changed its effect with:
   * 100% hp/sp heal.
   * Add 4 ASPD.
   * Add 10 Luk.
   Effective until end of Syawal 2020
  * Syawal Reward :
     - 2.5Mil Zeny, Stat food, and Ketupat [Image: 552.png]

* Fix gefenia01 map error, thanks to mawiwor

* Fix que_sign01, nameless_in, ve_in02 map error, thanks to WhiteCat

* Finalize AFK persistent bug testing : Succeed
* Using renewal pet database, more pet can be made and
  pet will give more stat increase

* Monthly Sync
* Fix some known bugs

* New rules to give loyalty reward
* AFK players are persistent and will be
  reload when the server restart (on going bug testing)

* Added NPC that sell all the costume available in our database, however, at least 20-30
  item is not directly buyable at this NPC
* Web enchancement - Separate Reset Look and Reset Equipment. Usually when you got error, try to reset your equipment 1st, 
   this will unequipped all your item.
* Restrict emblem change during WoE
* Ban trade hack increase to 1 hour
* Only guild master can accept alliance
* Homunculus name can be change indefinitely
* Pet name can be change indefinitely
* Venders Zeny limit (Cannot buy item if vender Zeny would/exceed 1Bil Zeny)
* Make autotraders is not killable
* Favourite item will be hide when selling item
* If no player in a map within 5min, all mob will be remove even if they are hurt (low HP)
* Player dropped item will not be shared among party members
* When switching/unequipped weapon will remove EDP (Enchant deadly poison) for Assassin

* Monthly Sync
* More item from renewal imported, some combo item also updated
* More monster from renewal imported, however, this monster may/may not naturally respawn on map
* Fix many item missing view and error
* Fix some skill issue

* Added preview equipment to Happy Shop
* Remove MVP doll from Costume quest requirement
* Fix some NPC problem
* Fix wrong bubblegum sell in hunting mission and usable item at prontera
* Fix kafra teleport to izlude (thx to Allison)
* Fix wrong location when warp to abyss_01 (thx to Allison)

* Monthly sync
* Remove card seller to make the gameplay more competitive
* Reduce card remover npc fees
* Added bubblegum to the prontera shop
* Disable monster level up when player killed

2019 Updates

* Monthly sync
* New Referral System launched, you can view more detail here

* New char name cannot contain space anymore
* Char deletion wait time is now instant

* Monthly sync (Fix various game mechanics by rAthena, major updates)
* Added Card NPC seller in mall

* Monthly sync (Fix various game mechanics by rAthena)

* Fix creating Non-Class Specifiq SQI preventing from creating Class Specific SQI

* Monthly sync (Fix various game mechanics by rAthena)

* WOE winning reward changed to 10 Reward Coin for each guildsmen online.
* Fix patcher server status not showing correctly.

* Update server 
* Voteforpoints now check for voted IP and prevent double vote (this is because voting site only count for unique IP vote)
* Monthly sync (Fix various game mechanics rAthena)
* Patcher update iteminfo

* Website update
   -Allow to paginate storage view, inventory view, cart view
   -Allow to hide storage view, inventory view, cart view using button
   -Change forum logo

* Drop rate adjustment
* Fix web bugs
* Monthly sync
* Reduce Doppelgangger card ASPD bonus from 100->60 (the default value is 10)

* Novice Receptionist will no longer ask for your name
* Direct access to Ragnarok Online changed to Play HiRO Now! and warp directly to Prontera Main Office

* Char deletion reduced to 5 min
* Remove 2 items from costume shop, causing error when wear ( Costume Furious WaveCostume Exploding Crimson Flame )
* Added more missing item images into website

* Added Costume Maker NPC
* Hat maker now showing Zeny in 1000 separator
* SQI Item Updates
* Entering Valhalla are now only required to complete sign quest and nameless island entry quest(temporary)
* Added Essence Maker (supposed to received randomly when completed each godly item seal)
* Added Punching Bag
* Added Emp Breaker Test room

* Added Stats build in Main Office, require level 99 to use
* Added megaphone in usable item shop
* Fix issue with hunting mission and slightly increase Zeny rewards rate

* Monthly sync
* Slightly increase reward rate in Monster of the week and Map of the week
* Move Instant level into Prontera Main Office
* Full client are now available for download Link

* Update patch file to version 1.3
   - This update require user to download latest version KRO and update them. 
      Fail to do so will result in error, and game crash
* Using new clients version
   - There may be some bugs in this new version, please report here.
* Instant level npc now can only be used by novice, and must be base level below 10
  - Please use the character service npc  -> Roll-back Job, to reset your char job (require 5 RC)[Image: 50951.png]

* Decrease castrate dex scale (instacast) from 150 to 130
* Added more costume item from renewal
* Re-activate poring catcher and fix some bugs, a minor adjustment
* remove frozen rose from alchemist shop

* Equipment and card drop rate increased
* Bug Fixes and updates
     - Fix some item shows double slot number, example, "rosary[1][1]"
     - Warper not saving previous map properly
* Add identify all unknown item while healing using healer
* Quest map will now require a small fee to enter through warper

* Bug Fixes and updates
* Ramadhan & Syawal Updates :
     - Ketupat [Image: 552.png] at discounted prices and double effect
* Syawal Reward :
     - 2.5Mil Zeny, Stat food, and Ketupat [Image: 552.png]

* Fix skill bugs and bonuses not update
* Many other improvements
* Monster and NPC updates

* Added more admin function to the website
* improved server security
* Effect state updates

* Minor script bugfix.
* Some changes to website.
* Effect state updates
* Updates to pets and pets evolution

* Added some info about VIP account, view here.
* Added ingame cash shop listing in control panel.
* Added command !support for creating support ticket.
* Minor script bugfix.
* Some changes to website.

* Improve VIP reward rate when killing Monster of the Week #MoTW, however, Map of the Week remain same with normal player.
* Reduce price for item skill shop.
* Fix some issues.

2018 Updates

* Added Instant level, you can choose your class. It will requires 8 vote points for 2nd class, and 16 vote points for Transcended 2nd class (not applicable to expanded and baby class)

* New Patcher update release, come with new skin. If you have an issue where the patcher update non-stop, please redownload
a new patcher at the download section.

* Notice for domain changes, we are slowly changing to a new domain (
* While the current domain ( will automatically redirect to our new domain, it will stop
working someday and be removed from our domain. Please take note on our new domain and make sure to bookmark it  Wink

* Fix possible future issues with jobs, skill, item and many more.
* Fix issue with reward npc not showing proper VIP remaining time.
* Added more item for group reward.
* Added Loyalty reward for staying active for 30 minutes. ( Reward : Reward Ticket[Image: 50950.png] and loyalty points )

* Synchronize with main development.
* Fix some bugs and script typo.
* Added item mall.

* Synchronize with main development.
* Fix some bugs and script typo.
* Added single player mode to the MvP Ladder warper.
 - Additional 500,000 zeny is required, making a total of 2M zeny to enter MvP ladder.
 - This mode is open everyday for now, disabling the feature / implementing only on certain day
    are still in discussion.

* Server Maintenance and update, reboot.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri events: 
Ketupat [Image: 552.png] has changed its effect with:
* 100% hp/sp heal.
* Add 4 ASPD.
* Add 10 Luk.

Added Eid reward npc during this event
We wish you happy idulfitri and happy holiday!

 * Change ASPD calculation, previous calculation based on RENEWAL_ASPD
 * Fix other bugs and improve npc.
 * PvP Stat-View renamed to PvP Manager, added warp to pvp function.
 * Added new npc to warp to vending area.
 * Rearrange server and website structure.
 * Website improvements.
    - Disable login captcha.
    - Fix guild emblem not showing.

 * Fix missing item view of item in Headgear quest
 * Other bugfixes

06/06/2018 - Update
 * Added new item into cash shop
 * Reward Coin price increased to 3cp (now 10 Reward Coin[Image: 50951.png] = 3,000,000 Zeny)
 * Added new npc that sell alchemist and Assassin skill item
 * Many other bugfixes

05/06/2018 - Bug fix
 * Fix int no longer affect cast rate. (implying 150 dex for no cast rate)
 * Added Culvert dungeon into warper.
 * Fix wrong monster (Obeune) ID in Monster of the Week.
 * Fix wrong SQI upgrade item requirements for Twin Fang.
 * Fix sushi bugs where it heals HP/SP more than it supposed to.
 * Some price adjustment to healing item npc shop.
 * Remove renewal item in hunting mission shop.

22/05/2018 - Added all warp level to dungeon and fields
Warper npc now have all access to all level for dungeon and fields. With this positive update, we hope 
your gaming experience is increased and playing HiRO become more enjoyable.

Other updates:
 * New voting site and vote target npc added, you can now vote to help advertise our server to more potential
player and receive reward from voting, when weekly vote target is achieved, more feature automatically unlocked
such as lower Reward Coin[Image: 50951.png] converting rate, more base/job exp rate and many other feature. each monday 12am, the voting
target will be reset and all the feature will be disabled.
 * Fix a few bugs with casting time.
 * Fix some bugs found in reward npc.
 * Added autotrader in pron_mall to ease new player with various interesting item for sell.

21/05/2018 - New Voting Site
New vote site has been added, you can now vote our server to encourage others to join our community. Each of your
vote will be rewarded with 2 vote points, which you can convert to various use in-game, please talk to Reward NPC at
prontera. The voting site will be refreshed after 12 hours, then you can vote again. Thank you for supporting us!

Other updates:
 * Fix issue with @arealoot.
 * Fix issue with izlude npc location.
 * Fix bugs to skill and others.

20/04/2018 - Weekly Event NPC
New Weekly Monster and Map event has been added. In this event, player has to kill the weekly monster or any monster
inside the weekly random map to win an item. The chances to win are also completely random.
If you're lucky enough, you might win something 'rare' [Image: gg.gif]
You can view the current weekly event at "Weekly Event NPC" But, be advise that some of the maps might be tough to
some of you. So, be sure to prepare yourself. [Image: no1.gif]

Other updates:
 * Add limit to @go, where you cannot use the command a few second while/after battle, using it while you are dead, and using it in pvp
 * Add limit to @follow, where you cannot follow GM, other player who's not in the same map with you, player who are 100 tiles away from you.
 * Add limit to @storage & @guildstorage, where you cannot open storage/guildstorage in pvp map and certain map, and while you were dead.

20/04/2018 - HiRO private server launched day
Today we have launched HiRO private server. Hope you guys enjoy!

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