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Item Database
Excuse me Admin/Gm/Mod please fix item database because items really confusing etc equipment def, attack and others effect doesn't make sense and also please fix droprate items are illogically nonsense, there are item are droprate more lower than mvp card drop like 1.2% 2.4% as you know it is absurdly hard to drop.

 First case etc :
as you see cotton shirt def are 10 but when equip only add 1 def. it goes same as others equipment. and some equipment effect are chaotically etc: Twin Pom Santa Hat[1] never drop any single of Piece of Cake, Candy or whatsoever. with +4refine and item description def+2 i only got +3def where are the other defense?


Second case etc :
finding Rosary[1] and Morpheus's Shawl is like waiting MVP card to drop and don't mention about Soft Apron too. How about Alice Apron? well at first look like MVP card with 10.00% rate and it only cost only 1212z if you sell it, also orlean's server[1] is 6.00% OMG please make item droprate value worth equally. quotation with first case as you know item etc Rosary[1][1] what is that mean? [2] slot?

As we know some character really depended on def to compensate the small amount HP they have and most of all, player find equipment and do equipment quest just to have the item effect but if the effect are haywire, we will wasting our times on that item sadly making wasting times again to find another equipment/item to patch the effect on the character. none of this will happen if item database were same effect as item description mention. furthermore what about item/card that has effect on item drop? I'm also doesn't have much time to testing out equipment/item so you really need to find a tester for yourselves if you can't do it alone. as i know the droprate are also horribly low chance. where are the others GMs? make them work unless you aren't hiring one you need to do it yourself or asking others. Some items are needed to make a quest but if its droprate are hardcore like this will make quest even harder than it was.

Please do fix properly than saying in changelog fix this fix that but no actually fix anything, there are many things i wanted to say but please fix this first for the server sake.

i love this server, please make it worth posting this. Thanks.


Thank you for your post in addressing the issue. we are currently working to fix the issue you mention.
There are lot's of things that was fixed in previous updates, of course it does not fix the things you just addressed, because no one was reporting this as a bug. Now we know the issue, we will get it fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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