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Installation Guide
Hey, We know you have been waiting for a while to play HiRO.
So we prepare a download and Setup guide for PC users. It is advisable to download the full kRO 
from our website instead of installing HiRO client over another kRO client to avoid any error.

Step 1 : Download kRO and HiRO Client on our website

 * If you download KRO from mirror 1, extract and go to step 4.

Step 2 : After finish downloading all full kRO. Make sure you have this 3 .rar file
HiRO Patch.rar
[ps : you need Winrar to extract] Wink 

Step 3 : Extract it to your preferred location, Exp: --> C:/RO/
Extract File : KRO.part1.rar and HiRO Client.rar

Step 4 : Update kRO using rsu-kro-(rag-lite and renewal)
 * if you download mirror 2, please also download RO Patcher Lite for kRO : [2018-06-03] Release
    then update your kRO using the two files.

Open HiRO Client Folder, Select all > Cut > Paste into kRO Folder
[ps : don 't forget to overwrite all file in the kRO folder]

Step 5 : Search for HiRO.exe > right click > Send to > Desktop(Shortcut)

Step 6 : Double click on the application [HiRO], let it run for the patch update. After update finished,
you can start play, but, don't forget to register first.

Enjoy the game. XD

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