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VIP Account - Administrator - 04-01-2019

Implemented VIP system in many official and custom scripts.
  • VIP players gain two more badges after Battleground matches.
  • VIP players pay ten times less for transportation to Brasilis and Dewata.
  • VIP has Larger Storage Capacity
  • VIP has Larger inventory capacity
  • VIP increased 3 more char slot
  • Non-VIP players must have a Marriage Covenant to get married.
  • Non-VIP players pay considerably more for refining equipment.
  • Non-VIP players gain less quest reward items in Port Malaya quests.
  • Non-VIP players gain less EXP rewards in Brasilis quests.
  • Improve #MoTW reward rate.
Note that official servers run different VIP/premium systems; the changes above are based on euRO, unless otherwise stated.
More features will be updated soon.
Talk to the Reward NPC and choose become a VIP.

To check you remaining time, simply talk to the Reward NPC again.

Bonus Commands
  • who
  • mobinfo
  • iteminfo
  • auction
  • noks
  • showrate
  • noask