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Referral System - Administrator - 11-12-2019

Hi all, 
I have finished designing a referral system,
So far the reward are as follow and maybe i will increase more in the future.

You can find your referral code >>HERE<< to give to your friends and view your progress

1) Each succesfully verified registration:
 Both get 5 CP

2) Each player you refer reach max base level (99):
 You : 10 RC [Image: 50951.png] and 1mil Zeny
 Player : 5 CP and 1mil Zeny

3) Referral Progress Reward
  i) Referred 3 player:
   5 CP and 1mil Zeny

  ii) Referred 6 player:
   5 CP and 2mil Zeny

  iii) Referred 10 player:
   5 CP and 3mil Zeny

Hope you guys enjoy and bring more player to join us!