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In-Game Reward and Currency - Administrator - 24-06-2019

We have multiple reward and currency in HiRO, namely as:

Cashpoint (CP)
DonationPoint (DP)
Voting Point (VP)
Reward Ticket (RT)
Reward Coin (RC)

How to get them?

 - Very easy, sell stuff at NPC
 - Join and win automated event

Cashpoint (CP)
 - Event, converted from reward coin(10 coin, 1 CP)

DonationPoint (DP)
 - Donaters who uses paypal (through web)
 - Each DonationPoints (1 DP, 1 CP)

Voting Point (VP)
 - Vote using website vote us

Reward Ticket (RT)
 - Join and win automated event
 - converted from VotePoints(1 VP, 1 RT)

Reward Coin (RC)
 - Special reward in Map of the week event
 - Converted from Reward Ticket (35 RT, 1 RC) - subject to current exchange rate
 - Buy using CP in Cash Shop

Usage and Limitation

 - Widely use in-game

Cashpoint (CP)
 - Use to buy item in Cash Shop
 - Cannot be transferred

Voting Point (VP)
 - To be convert to RT
 - To use with Instant Level NPC
 - Cannot be transferred

Reward Ticket (RT)
 - To use with Card Removal NPC
 - Cannot be dropped

Reward Coin (RC)
 - To be convert to CP
 - To be convert to Zeny (10 RC, 3mil Zeny)
 - Buy costume in Happy Shop
 - To be use with Character Service NPC (Rollback, change name, etc)

 * Incomplete, will be updated