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Sad Known Issue / Bugs / Error
Posted by: Administrator - 09-07-2019, 11:51 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Known Issue / Bugs / Error

Client (game.exe)
* Hair style >28 ~ 94 (Error & Crash)

* (FIXED) Item Costume Exploding Crimson - Error & Crash when wear and preview(game will show error logs but not close the client)

* (FIXED) Doppelgangger Card extremely fast. XD
   - Reduce bAspdRate from 100 -> 60

* Missing some Item Icon
* Missing some Item Image

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  SQI Item - Non-Class Specific
Posted by: Administrator - 07-07-2019, 08:51 PM - Forum: Quest - No Replies

SQI Item Guide

Brisingamen [Image: 51503.png]

Required Item
Ring [Image: 2621.png] x4
Earring [Image: 2622.png] x4
Brooch [Image: 2625.png] x4
Glove [Image: 2624.png] x4
Rosary [Image: 2626.png] x4
Necklace [Image: 2623.png] x4
Zeny : 120,000,000

Magingiorde [Image: 51502.png]

Required Item
Belt [Image: 2627.png] x1
Angel Wing [Image: 2254.png] x1
Tarou Card [Image: 4028.png] x1
Mantis Card [Image: 4079.png] x1
Picky Card [Image: 4008.png] x1
Deviruchi Card [Image: 4122.png] x1
Hornet Card [Image: 4019.png] x1
Kobold Card [Image: 4091.png] x1
Ring [Image: 2621.png] x10
Ring [Image: 2601.png] x10
Zeny : 150,000,000

Sleipnir [Image: 51501.png]

Required Item
Sleipnir [Image: 2410.png] x1
Greaves [Image: 2412.png] x3
Zeny : 50,000,000

Valkyrie Helm [Image: 51504.png]

Required Item
Angel Wing [Image: 2254.png] x1
Angel Wing Ears [Image: 18518.png] x1
Helm of Angel [Image: 5025.png] x1
Spiky Band [Image: 2258.png] x1
Queen's Hair Ornament [Image: 10006.png] x1
Crown of Mistress [Image: 5081.png] x1
Bone Helm [Image: 5017.png] x1
Zeny : 130,000,000

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  SQI Item - Class Specific
Posted by: Administrator - 07-07-2019, 08:28 PM - Forum: Quest - No Replies

SQI Item Guide

Each Class are given each specific SQI item. Please refer below:

Hunter | Artemis Bow [Image: 51000.png]

Required Item
Rudra Bow [Image: 1720.png] x1
Ballista [Image: 1722.png] x1
Bow Thimble [Image: 2619.png] x1
Morrigane's Belt [Image: 2650.png] x1
Safety Ring [Image: 2615.png] x1
Arrow of Counter Evil [Image: 1766.png] x1
Breeze Card [Image: 4390.png] x1
Red Bijou [Image: 7447.png] x50
Blue Bijou [Image: 7446.png] x50
Yellow Bijou [Image: 7448.png] x50
Green Bijou [Image: 7445.png] x50
Costume Hunter Hat [Image: 20204.png] x1
Essence of Hunter [Image: 51401.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
15 Luk
Increased 20% Magical Resistance
Critical hits +10%
Double Strafe +15%
Inflict Bleeding
Level 4 Safety Wall
15% Additional HP
Arrow Storm +150%
10 INT

Rogue |  Bow Of The Devil [Image: 51001.png]

Required Item
Earth Bow [Image: 1732.png] x1
Roguemaster's Bow [Image: 1719.png] x1
Whisper Card [Image: 4102.png] x1
Young Twig [Image: 7018.png] x2
Peridot [Image: 7289.png] x60
Blue Feather [Image: 7441.png] x40
Banshee Master Card [Image: 4450.png] x1
Essence [Image: 51413.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
+5 Dex(1)
+5 Dex(2)
+15 Crit
+75 ATK
+50 MATK
+30 Flee
Auto cast Strip Armor
+30% SP
+15% Melee Resistance

Priest | Evangelist [Image: 51002.png]

Required Item
Holy Robe [Image: 2327.png] x1
Coif [Image: 5093.png] x1
Plankton Card [Image: 4024.png] x2
Galion Card [Image: 4423.png] x2
Aqua Elemental Card [Image: 4443.png] x1
Crystal Blue [Image: 991.png] x100
Hand of God [Image: 1009.png] x10
Fang of Hatii [Image: 7036.png] x50
Essence of Priest [Image: 51406.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
Sanctuary Bonus 20% Heal
+15 Crit
+100 Atk
Stone Curse & Freeze Resistance by 30%
+5 Dex (1)
+5 Dex (2)
+10 Int
Frost Nova lvl 10
Chance to Cause Sleep

Black Smith | Mjolnir [Image: 51003.png]

Required Item
Golden Mace [Image: 1524.png] x1
Iron Driver [Image: 1529.png] x1
Golem Card [Image: 4072.png] x1
Heart Breaker [Image: 1376.png] x1
Metaller Card [Image: 4057.png] x1
Rough Wind [Image: 996.png] x150
Refined Bradium [Image: 6090.png] x100
Essence of Blacksmith [Image: 51410.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
Learn Throw Tomahawk Level 1 + 200% more damage with Throw Tomahawk
Wide Silence Level 1 When Casting Hammer fall
10% Reduction Against Ranged Attack
+15 Dex
+15 Crit
+15 Luk
Learn Charge Attack (1). Your Casting Time Reduced by 30%
Max Overthrust costs 75% less zeny
+15% More Damage with Critical Hits

Monk | Suiken [Image: 51004.png]

Required Item
Waghnak [Image: 1802.png] x1
Berserk [Image: 1814.png] x1
Executioner's Mitten [Image: 7017.png] x1
Marine Sphere Card [Image: 4084.png] x1
Caramel Card [Image: 4063.png] x3
Broken Liquor Jar [Image: 7158.png] x20
Poison Bottle [Image: 678.png] x20
Gemstone [Image: 7300.png] x50
Mystic Frozen [Image: 995.png] x125
Alcohol [Image: 970.png] x200
Essence of Monk [Image: 51415.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
50% Auto cast Hyper Spirit Sphere on Fury
+5 Dex
+40 Hit
Increased Damage with Combos
Increased Knuckle and Chain Crush
Freeze / Stone Curse Resistance
+5 STR
+13% ASPD
Chance to Freeze Target

Mage/Wizard | Staff of Magi [Image: 51005.png]

Required Item
Mighty Staff [Image: 1613.png] x1
Soul Staff [Image: 1472.png] x1
Wizardry Staff [Image: 1473.png] x1
Belmont Whip [Image: 1007.png] x2
Red Blood [Image: 990.png] x140
Level 5 Fire Bolt [Image: 691.png] x5
Level 5 Cold Bolt [Image: 689.png] x5
Level 5 Lightening Bolt [Image: 693.png] x5
Level 5 Earth Spike [Image: 687.png] x5
Essence of Wizard [Image: 51414.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
+5 Dex (1st)
+5 Dex (2nd)
+5 Dex (3rd)
20% Chance to Curse Your Opponent When Attacking
+30% increase in HP
Reduction against range attack by 20%
Ignore DEF of demi-human monster
Reduction in AMP casting time by 75%
+100% more damage with Magic Crasher. 10% chance of casting Ganbantein when using Magic Crasher

Crusader | Aegis Shield [Image: 51006.png]

Required Item
Mirror Shield [Image: 2108.png] x1
Sacred Mission [Image: 2111.png] x1
Safety Ring [Image: 2615.png] x1
Rosary [Image: 2626.png] x1
Emperium Anvil [Image: 989.png] x1
Ambernite Card [Image: 4032.png] x1
Medusa Card [Image: 4124.png] x1
Orc Warrior Card [Image: 4066.png] x2
High Orc Card [Image: 4322.png] x1
Emperium [Image: 714.png] x12
Piece of Shield [Image: 7108.png] x30
Essence of Crusader [Image: 51400.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
Reflect 10% Short-Range Damage
+8 Magic Def(mdef)
Reduce 10% after cast Delay
Full HP/SP on Resurrection
10% Damage more with Shield Chain
10% Increase Healing Power
Uninterruptible Cast
Increase Holy and Grand Cross Damage by 20%

Dancer | Belmont Whip [Image: 51007.png]

Required Item
Whip of Balance [Image: 1980.png] x1
Chemeti Whip [Image: 1964.png] x1
Eye of Dullahan [Image: 2614.png] x1
Assaulter Card [Image: 4246.png] x1
Pest Card [Image: 4315.png] x1
Flame Heart [Image: 994.png] x1
Valhalla's Flower [Image: 7510.png] x1
Essence of Dancer [Image: 51402.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
+20% HP
+10 Dex
+10 Agi
+10 Luk
+15 Crit
Increase Critical Damage
Increase Long-Range Damage
Inflict Stone Curse or Sleep
Increase Throw Arrow Damage

Novice | Blade of Angels [Image: 51008.png]

Required Item
Holy Dagger [Image: 1244.png] x1
Angel's Kiss [Image: 5125.png] x1
Angel's Reincarnation [Image: 2420.png] x1
Angelic Cardigan [Image: 2521.png] x1
Angelic Guard [Image: 2116.png] x1
Angelic Protection [Image: 2355.png] x1
Argos Card [Image: 4075.png] x1
Megalodon Card [Image: 4067.png] x1
Amulet [Image: 609.png] x80
Will of Red Darkness [Image: 7566.png] x1
Essence of Super Novice [Image: 51403.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
+100 ATK
+30% HP
Melee and Ranged Resistance 20%
Autospell Level 10
+50 Magic attack (matk)
30% Stone Curse and Freeze Resistance
Aspersio level 5
+1000 SP
Aura Blade level 5

Alchemist | Djinn [Image: 51009.png]

Required Item
Orcish Axe [Image: 1304.png] x1
War Axe [Image: 1306.png] x1
Green Petite Egg [Image: 9022.png] x1
Sandman Card [Image: 4101.png] x2
Great Nature [Image: 997.png] x180
Doom Slayer [Image: 1370.png] x1
Mother's Nightmare [Image: 7020.png] x1
Essence of Alchemist [Image: 51404.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
+100 Attack
Reflect 15% of melee damage when physically attacked
50% More Damage With Mammonite
+5 Dex (1st)
+5 Dex (2nd)
+15% More HP
+20 Luk
Level 6 Firebolt (manual and 5% auto cast) and +10% MATK
5% Chance to inflict Stone Curse On Enemy when Physically Attacked

Bard | Electric Guitar [Image: 51010.png]

Required Item
Gumoongoh [Image: 1912.png] x1
Guitar [Image: 1908.png] x1
Violin [Image: 1902.png] x1
Lute [Image: 1906.png] x1
Gigant Helm [Image: 9021.png] x1
Wind Ghost Card [Image: 4264.png] x1
Singing Plant [Image: 707.png] x100
Wind of Verdure [Image: 992.png] x100
Essence of Bard [Image: 51405.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
+20% HP
+15 Crit
Allow Jupiter Thunder Level 3
+10 Int
+10 Dex
+10 Vit
Increase 15% Critical Damage
Increase 20% Long-Range Damage
Increase 35% Musical Strike Damage

Taekwon/Star Gladiator | Eversong Greaves [Image: 51011.png]

Required Item
Shoes [Image: 2404.png] x1
Rider Insignia [Image: 2530.png] x1
Boots [Image: 2406.png] x1
Greaves [Image: 2412.png] x1
Valkyrian Shoes [Image: 2421.png] x1
Andre Card [Image: 4043.png] x1
Anodyne [Image: 605.png] x100
Heroic Emblem [Image: 968.png] x20
Red Feather [Image: 7440.png] x30
Essence of Taekwon [Image: 51407.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
HP Boost (10% TK  20% TKM)
TK 40 Hit TKM 15 Luk
TK 30% ASPD TKM 10 Dex
+130 ATK
Increased Flying Side Kick Damage 50%
+20% SP
+10 Crit
Increased Critical Damage 15%
30 Flee

Soul Linker | Ghostdancer Staff [Image: 51012.png]

Required Item
Evil Bone Wand [Image: 1615.png] x1
Survivor's Rod [Image: 1620.png] x1
Wand of Occult [Image: 1614.png] x1
Gentleman's Staff [Image: 1629.png] x1
Giant Whisper Card [Image: 4303.png] x1
Wind Ghost Card [Image: 4264.png] x2
Level 5 Soul Strike [Image: 695.png] x20
Essence of Linker [Image: 51408.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
+20% HP and SP
+10 Int
Improve Concentration on Wizards
Auto guard on Priests
Energy Coat on Hunters
Reflect Shield on Knights
Auto cast Acid Terror 15%
Auto cast Holy Cross 10%
Auto cast Jack Frost 5%

Ninja | Hira Shurikat [Image: 51013.png]

Required Item
Huuma Blaze Shuriken [Image: 13303.png] x1
Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken [Image: 13302.png] x1
Huuma Wing Shuriken [Image: 13300.png] x1
Thara Frog Card [Image: 4058.png] x2
2carat Diamond [Image: 731.png] x20
Rough Wind [Image: 996.png] x200
Essence of Ninja [Image: 51409.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
Increase Throw Shuriken and Kunai Damage
Reduce Cast Time
+20% Demi-human Resistance
+10% HP & SP
+15% Matk
Allow Hiding
Increase Wind Blade Damage
+13% ASPD
+15 Crit

Knight | Nibelungen [Image: 51014.png]

Required Item
Ivory Lance [Image: 1483.png] x1
Tirfing [Image: 1139.png] x1
Gungnir [Image: 1413.png] x1
Lance [Image: 1411.png] x1
Argiope Card [Image: 4114.png] x2
Loki's Whispers [Image: 7019.png] x2
Talon of Griffon [Image: 7048.png] x20
Essence of Knight [Image: 51411.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
+40 Hit
+15 Crit
Reduce After cast delay by 10%
Joint Beat Damage Boost
More damage with Bowling Bash and Brandish Spear
Spear Boomerang Wind Endow
+10 STR
Earth Endow with Spear Stab
Increased ASPD 13%

Sage | Tome of Ymir [Image: 51015.png]

Required Item
Book of Billows [Image: 1553.png] x1
Book of Gust of Wind [Image: 1556.png] x1
Book of Mother Earth [Image: 1554.png] x1
Book of the Blazing Sun [Image: 1555.png] x1
Book of the Apocalypse [Image: 1557.png] x1
Tablet [Image: 1552.png] x1
Memory Book [Image: 2109.png] x1
Yellow Novus Card [Image: 4382.png] x1
Old Magicbook [Image: 1006.png] x20
Worn Out Page [Image: 1097.png] x75
Essence of Sage [Image: 51416.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
Allow Strip Shield (Level 3)
Increase 10% MATK
+15 Crit
+5 DEX (1)
+5 DEX (2)
Ignore Gemstone Requirement
+100 ATK
+20% HP
+13% ASPD

Assassin| Twin Fang [Image: 51016.png]

Required Item
Assassin Mask [Image: 5096.png] x1
Infiltrator [Image: 1261.png] x1
Grimtooth [Image: 1237.png] x1
Hydra Card [Image: 4035.png] x1
Blade Lost in Darkness [Image: 7023.png] x20
Oridecon [Image: 984.png] x25
Elunium [Image: 985.png] x100
Drill Katar [Image: 1270.png] x1
Cursed Water [Image: 12020.png] x100
Dark Piece [Image: 6089.png] x25
Essence of Assassin [Image: 51417.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
+30 Flee
+15 Crit
+40 ATK
+40% More Damage with Meteor Assault
Casting Time Reduced by 15%
+10 INT
+25% More Damage for Grimtooth
+25% More Damage for Soul Destroyer
+30 HIT

Gunslinger| Scouter [Image: 51017.png]

Required Item
Monocle [Image: 2239.png] x1
Headset [Image: 5001.png] x1
Vesper Core 01 [Image: 2659.png] x1
Vesper Core 02 [Image: 2660.png] x1
Vesper Core 03 [Image: 2661.png] x1
Vesper Core 04 [Image: 2662.png] x1
Fragment [Image: 7094.png] x250
Essence of Gunslinger [Image: 51412.png] x1
Zeny : 50,000,000

Available upgrades
Auto cast Call Spirits(5) when using Flip Coin
Increase Ground Drift Damage 50%
Increase Triple Eye & Bull’s Eye 40%
Auto cast Stone Curse 3%
+20% HP & SP
+15% Non-boss Resistance
+10% ASPD
+15 Crit
Increase Critical Damage 20%

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  SQI Item
Posted by: Administrator - 07-07-2019, 06:39 PM - Forum: Quest - No Replies

SQI Item Guide

To enter Valhalla, you are required to complete all 4 Godly Item Seal. But for now, only completing Sign quest and Nameless Island Entry quest are the required.
Each Class Specific SQI item can be upgraded up to only 4 upgrades. The upgrades are bound to char, not the account. That means the upgrade are not transferable to other char/account. However the SQI item can be traded normally but the new owner will not receive the previous upgrade.

Class Specific SQI Item

Non-Class Specific SQI Item

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  In-Game Reward and Currency
Posted by: Administrator - 24-06-2019, 10:25 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

We have multiple reward and currency in HiRO, namely as:

Cashpoint (CP)
DonationPoint (DP)
Voting Point (VP)
Reward Ticket (RT)
Reward Coin (RC)

How to get them?

 - Very easy, sell stuff at NPC
 - Join and win automated event

Cashpoint (CP)
 - Event, converted from reward coin(10 coin, 1 CP)

DonationPoint (DP)
 - Donaters who uses paypal (through web)
 - Each DonationPoints (1 DP, 1 CP)

Voting Point (VP)
 - Vote using website vote us

Reward Ticket (RT)
 - Join and win automated event
 - converted from VotePoints(1 VP, 1 RT)

Reward Coin (RC)
 - Special reward in Map of the week event
 - Converted from Reward Ticket (35 RT, 1 RC) - subject to current exchange rate
 - Buy using CP in Cash Shop

Usage and Limitation

 - Widely use in-game

Cashpoint (CP)
 - Use to buy item in Cash Shop
 - Cannot be transferred

Voting Point (VP)
 - To be convert to RT
 - To use with Instant Level NPC
 - Cannot be transferred

Reward Ticket (RT)
 - To use with Card Removal NPC
 - Cannot be dropped

Reward Coin (RC)
 - To be convert to CP
 - To be convert to Zeny (10 RC, 3mil Zeny)
 - Buy costume in Happy Shop
 - To be use with Character Service NPC (Rollback, change name, etc)

 * Incomplete, will be updated

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  Item Database
Posted by: curseboy36 - 12-06-2019, 02:41 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

Excuse me Admin/Gm/Mod please fix item database because items really confusing etc equipment def, attack and others effect doesn't make sense and also please fix droprate items are illogically nonsense, there are item are droprate more lower than mvp card drop like 1.2% 2.4% as you know it is absurdly hard to drop.

 First case etc :
as you see cotton shirt def are 10 but when equip only add 1 def. it goes same as others equipment. and some equipment effect are chaotically etc: Twin Pom Santa Hat[1] never drop any single of Piece of Cake, Candy or whatsoever. with +4refine and item description def+2 i only got +3def where are the other defense?


Second case etc :
finding Rosary[1] and Morpheus's Shawl is like waiting MVP card to drop and don't mention about Soft Apron too. How about Alice Apron? well at first look like MVP card with 10.00% rate and it only cost only 1212z if you sell it, also orlean's server[1] is 6.00% OMG please make item droprate value worth equally. quotation with first case as you know item etc Rosary[1][1] what is that mean? [2] slot?

As we know some character really depended on def to compensate the small amount HP they have and most of all, player find equipment and do equipment quest just to have the item effect but if the effect are haywire, we will wasting our times on that item sadly making wasting times again to find another equipment/item to patch the effect on the character. none of this will happen if item database were same effect as item description mention. furthermore what about item/card that has effect on item drop? I'm also doesn't have much time to testing out equipment/item so you really need to find a tester for yourselves if you can't do it alone. as i know the droprate are also horribly low chance. where are the others GMs? make them work unless you aren't hiring one you need to do it yourself or asking others. Some items are needed to make a quest but if its droprate are hardcore like this will make quest even harder than it was.

Please do fix properly than saying in changelog fix this fix that but no actually fix anything, there are many things i wanted to say but please fix this first for the server sake.

i love this server, please make it worth posting this. Thanks.


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Wink VIP Account
Posted by: Administrator - 04-01-2019, 08:45 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Implemented VIP system in many official and custom scripts.

  • VIP players gain two more badges after Battleground matches.
  • VIP players pay ten times less for transportation to Brasilis and Dewata.
  • VIP has Larger Storage Capacity
  • VIP has Larger inventory capacity
  • VIP has 9 chars per account
  • Non-VIP players must have a Marriage Covenant to get married.
  • Non-VIP players pay considerably more for refining equipment.
  • Non-VIP players gain less quest reward items in Port Malaya quests.
  • Non-VIP players gain less EXP rewards in Brasilis quests.
  • Improve #MoTW reward rate.
Note that official servers run different VIP/premium systems; the changes above are based on euRO, unless otherwise stated.
More features will be updated soon.
Talk to the Reward NPC and choose become a VIP.

To check you remaining time, simply talk to the Reward NPC again.

Bonus Commands
  • who
  • mobinfo
  • iteminfo
  • auction
  • noks
  • showrate
  • noask

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Thumbs Up Group Reward
Posted by: Administrator - 19-08-2018, 03:25 PM - Forum: Official Event - No Replies

Hey guys, if you come to play with your team (min of 5 player)
you can claim here for your team's reward (choose 1 only).

Min teammates : 5 real people
Team registration : Register your team by PM our facebook page and list your team char name
Facebook page like : All teammate must like our page and at least share our page to his facebook feeds.
If you bring another team of 5 people, the other package is also yours. (They must also follow rules above)

The rewards are:

Package 1:
20x Food Box Vol 3
20x Reward Coin Box10
2x Doppelganger Card
5x Turtle General Card
3x WoE Teleport Scroll 100 Box
20x Yggdrasil Berry 10 Box
2x Morrigane Set
3x Odin's Blessing Set
1x XM Kitty Set Box
2x XM Deviruchi Set Box
3x Sprint Set
1x Goibne Set
5x 5Mil Envelope
3x chars for VIP of 1 week

Package 2:
20x Food Box Vol 3
30x Reward Coin Box10
5x Doppelganger Card
2x Turtle General Card
5x WoE Teleport Scroll 100 Box
25x Yggdrasil Berry 10 Box
3x Morrigane Set
3x Odin's Blessing Set
1x XM Kitty Set Box
2x XM Deviruchi Set Box
2x Sprint Set
2x Goibne Set
3x 5Mil Envelope
5x chars for VIP of 1 week

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Wink Weekly Event
Posted by: Administrator - 12-06-2018, 09:50 PM - Forum: Official Event - No Replies

Weekly Monster and Map event is our unique custom npc event developed by our developer to make HiRO more entertaining.
In this event, player has to kill the weekly monster, or any monster inside the weekly random map to win an item.
The chances to win are also completely random. If you're lucky enough, you might win something 'rare'.

You can view the current weekly event at "Weekly Event NPC", but, be advise that some of the maps might be tough to some of you. So, be sure to prepare yourself.  
The event is scheduled to automatically shuffle the monster and map at every Monday 12:01 a.m.

Monster of the Week:
List of monster of the week.
Incarnation Of Morroc
Nightmare Terror
Orc Skeleton
Waste Stove
Nine Tail
Loli Ruri
Raydric Archer

Reward ticket x1

Map of the Week
List of map of the week.

 * Will be update soon *

Reward Coin x1
Karvodailnirol x1
Alcohol x1
Poison Spore x1

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  Changing windows resolution
Posted by: Administrator - 06-06-2018, 12:31 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Hey guys, i have received some question on how to change the ragnarok windows size.
Hopefully, this guide can help you changing windows size if it does not work.

1. Open setup.exe
2. Click Reg to save setting to windows registry,
    or Lua to save data to savedata folder in your RO.

[Image: setup.PNG]

3. Choose your desired windows resolutions
4. Save and run you ragnarok.

 * In case you still cannot change windows size, try to delete a file in savedata/OptionInfo.lua
 * or you can try redownload setup file at : http://www.mediafire.com/file/3i700r5cjj...0setup.rar


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